Phoenix Community Furniture Scheme is a registered charity based in Newtown, Powys. We collect unneeded reusable furniture, household effects and electrical items from the general public within Powys free of charge. Once in our warehouse donated items are then cleaned, sorted, and where necessary tested by qualified staff, before being offered back into the local community.

The vast majority of items go to homeless individuals and families who have been newly rehoused. This gives individuals and families the chance to start again and to create a home for themselves and their families. Our goals are to reduce landfill and to encourage and educate the public in the essential need to reuse and to improve their local community.

In the UK we currently throw away over ten million items of furniture every year, and many pieces could reused, so its important that we all recycle where and when we can.

Anybody, whatever your circumstances, can come and visit our shop to purchase reusable furniture and electrical items from us. You do not need to be on any benefits. People who purchase any items from Phoenix can be assured that their money goes towards the running costs of the charity (such as rent, utilities, running of vehicles etc).